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Small Moon Jellyfish

Jellyfish Art

Moon Jellies have a white saucer-shaped body that looks like a pulsing full moon. Their stomachs are distinct four-leaf clover shapes in the center. Because of their translucent bodies, Moon Jellies will glow with whatever color of light is shown upon them. Moon Jellies do not sting. Although they have the same stinging cells as all jellyfish, their venom has no effect on people. With no central nervous system, all their movements are controlled by a loosely organized network of nerves. Moon Jellies are found all over the world in a range of temperatures. The Moon Jellies we provide prefer room temperature conditions.

If you order a jellyfish tank kit, you will receive the tank first. Once it is set up, return to our website to redeem the jellyfish and food portion of your order via overnight or two-day delivery.

* Backed by our unique Arrive Alive Guarantee
* Approximately 1.5 Inch Diameter
* Do Not Sting
* Ship via FedEx Overnight or Two-day Delivery

Note sizing is approximate and varies according to availability. Schedule your deliveryhere. Once your jellyfish arrive, follow our easy acclimation instructions. All orders containing live animals or frozen food ship with our $40 flat overnight rate, or our $25 two-day rate. This two-day shipping cost is included in all the jelly kits.

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How to Acclimate Jellies to Your Tank

Please Note:
Dry accessories added to live animal orders will be sent separately via Fed-Ex Ground Shipping.

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