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International Shipping

International Shipping is Easy!

  1. Email us with your location and postal code for a shipping quote of a Desktop Jellyfish Tank. We no longer sell dry accessories with tank purchases. Once shipping has been confirmed, we will send you a Pay-Pal invoice via e-mail.
  2. We ship you your tank.
  3. Once your tank is set up, buy Moon Jellyfish from one of our many international affiliates. You can use live baby brine shrimp or any high quality frozen coral food from your local aquarium shop for jellyfish. All the tank and jellyfish maintenance information you need is in our Knowledge Base section.

Australia and New Zealand

Please contact Marine Boutique to purchase Jellyfish Art's products, including the tanks.


Tanks & Jellyfish:

Please contact our Canadian retailer at:

OR email them at:


Tanks: Jellyfish Art can ship all dry tanks to Europe. Please contact for a shipping quote.

Jellyfish: Please contact the following suppliers for shipping guarantees, availability, and pricing:

 Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe:

web site:
phone: +420 777 820 495

Please also try these additional contacts below:

All other shipments

Tanks: Jellyfish Art can ship all dry tanks anywhere else in the world. Please for a shipping quote.

Jellyfish: If Jellyfish Art does not list supplier information for your country, you can collect your own jellyfish. You can do so by A) Collecting from the ocean (Moon Jellyfish are abundant and do not sting). Check local regulations for laws and necessary permits. B) Purchasing jellyfish from a local aquarium shop. C) Contacting fishermen or marine biologists or public aquariums.

Note the harmonized code is 3924-000090 for the tanks and 0308-30-0000 for the jellyfish.

Become a supplier

Have a supply of jellyfish and want to be added to our list of suppliers? Contact us or at +001-754-227-7812.

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