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mail: are a specialist UK retailer of Jellyfish Art aquarium kits, live jellies and accessories - since 2014 they have been providing UK customers with the very best in jellyfish aquariums, livestock, knowledge, service and advice.


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web site:
phone: +420 777 820 495

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Australia and New Zealand

Please contact Marine Boutique to purchase Jellyfish Art's products, including the tanks.

All other shipments

Tanks: Jellyfish Art can ship all dry tanks anywhere else in the world. Please contact for a shipping quote.


  • Email us with your location and postal code for a shipping quote of a Desktop Jellyfish Tank. We no longer sell dry accessories with tank purchases. Once shipping has been confirmed, we will send you a Pay-Pal invoice via e-mail.
  • Shipping charges for the dry tank kit can be fairly expensive, and you must cover all duties and charges for your country.
  • We ship you your tank.
  • Once your tank is set up, buy Moon Jellyfish from one of our many international affiliates. You can use live baby brine shrimp or any high quality frozen coral food from your local aquarium shop for jellyfish. All the tank and jellyfish maintenance information you need is in our Knowledge Base section.


    If Jellyfish Art does not list supplier information for your country, you can possibly obtain your own jellyfish by: A) Collecting from the ocean (Moon Jellyfish are abundant and do not sting). Check local regulations for laws and necessary permits. B) Purchasing jellyfish from a local aquarium shop. C) Contacting fishermen or marine biologists or public aquariums. Our Arrive Alive Guarantee is only valid for animals shipped directly from, thus not applicable for any international vendor. International vendors that do provide live animals will have their own terms and conditions regarding guarantees if any are applicable. Jellyfish Art aquariums were specifically manufactured to house Aurelia aurita, however could potentially be suitable for other species with caution.

    Note the harmonized code is 3924-000090 for the tanks and 0308-30-0000 for the jellyfish.


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    Contact us at or at +001-754-227-7812.