New PREMIUM - LED bulb only

Our best LED bulb yet!

These came standard with all 2020 and above models.

UPGRADE your current lighting! This bulb is also compatible with all older models manufactured by Jellyfish Art, including the Desktop model, the original Nano model and the first generation Cylinder 5 model. This LED bulb is controlled only by the New Premium white remote control. If you're upgrading you lighting make sure to purchase the remote/bulb bundle.


Note: the remotes must be synced to the bulb.

Syncing instructions:

Unplug the light, once you plug it back in immediately press the line above the number 1 button on the bottom left of the remote (3 times back to back) remote.

Once synced the bulb will flash in green.

If the bulb doesn't sync right away unplug the lamp, re-plug it in and try again until it flashes greensyncs

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