*NEW* Instant - Skip the Cycle kit! (Cylinder 5 model)

** For 5 gallon Cylinder 5 model only


Cycling your aquarium is the most important initial part before Jellyfish can be added. The cycling process is where the beneficial bacteria is fed an ammonia source. The bacteria reproduces and colonizes the black Bio Sponge in the back of your Jellyfish Art aquarium. This saves you 4-6 weeks of cycling time!!!

This kit includes a sustainable aquacultured Fully Cycled Live Bio Sponge loaded with established beneficial bacteria. The addition of this sponge to your aquarium deems it instantly cycled and the jellyfish can be added with the sponge at the same time.



1. Order or Redeem your jellyfish code while purchasing this kit at the same time.

2. You will receive the fully cycled live sponge in water. The sponge is added to the back of your aquarium in place of the original sponge received with you kit.

3. The live Jellyfish can be acclimated per included instruction and added to the aquarium.

4. Additional live bacteria can be added daily to help keep conditions stable.

5. HIGH FIVE you just skipped 4-6 weeks of cycling time, enjoy your pet Jellyfish!



A. Make sure your aquarium water has 0 ppm of ammonia and 0ppm of nitrite. If ammonia or nitrite are present a 100% water change must be done prior to ordering this Skip The Cycle kit (Typically this will be the case if the cycling process was started at home but not completed).

B. If you have not started the cycling process yet you will have 0 ppm of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, you can go ahead and order this kit with your jellyfish.

C. Double check that you are ordering the correct sponge size for your aquarium model either the Nano or the Cylinder 5.

Not shipping the sponge with Jellyfish?
If you are ordering this sponge alone (no Jellyfish in your order) you must contact us so that the order can be made with the corresponding necessary overnight shipping.