Cycle ACCELERATOR - Turbo Start (Great when adding new jellies too + solving ammonia spikes)

This Cycle ACCELERATOR is a super concentrated live bacteria additive and can help push a slow cycle or stubborn cycle into finishing faster.

It is also very useful to help control ammonia or nitrite spikes in established aquarium and can also be used when adding new Jellyfish.

(Product must be kept refrigerated)

Instructions for cycling a new aquarium:
- 1 x per week add 2 cap full's per 5 gallons.
- Repeat dosage once a week until the aquarium fully cycles.
- Bottle contains 4 1/2 doses at the above amounts.
- Can be safely dosed at 4x the recommended amount (In this case purchase more than 1 bottles.

(For use of this product jellyfish use please follow the above instructions.)

Instructions for use when adding new Jellyfish:
- 1 x every other day add 1/2 cap full per 5 gallons.
- Continue adding for 2 weeks

Many customers have been using this product to cycle their aquarium and an additional bottle to use when adding new jellyfish into the aquarium. It offers great results and is wonderful at establishing newly shipped jellyfish!

Can also be used to properly and safely stabilize ammonia spike issues at any time.

Since this product is shipped with an icepack in a bubble padded insulated pack we only ship these Monday through Wednesday. 

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