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I've wanted a pet jellyfish since the movie seven pounds came out. Not because I want to do what Will did in the movie but because watching that jelly swim in the tank in the background was so amazing to me. I was thrilled to receive Six(my jelly's name) and get her acclimated. I'm looking forward to getting more .

Jelly Cylinder Nano®
Ethan Metherd
Love the looks can’t wait to get it up and running

Starting to cycle the tank I love the look my remote doesn’t seem to connect to the lightbulb but I figured tech support could help me I have time while the tanks cycling to get it figured .

Stick to the Jelly Fish Art Tanks

I have a Jelly Cylinder 5 at my office and absolutely love it! I tried one for home and decided to order a Kreisel 15 Jellyfish Aquarium . I am not happy with it and its flow. I reached out to customer service to ask if it can be replaced with their Jelly Cylinder and I would pay the upgraded price. The person responded how she had one on her desk and was having some of the same issues with it. No offer to replace it. I have found some other places that sell tanks and larger cylinders, I may try another place and just through this one in the trash if they wont help out in replacing the tank. Need to figure out something since I want to order one for my daughter!

Jelly Cylinder Nano®

Did not receive with order, they are sending a new one but jellyfish may die due to not having the proper conditions in the tank, I was told not to feed the jellyfish until we get the sponge as it will make the ammonia build up because we don’t have any nitrifying bacteria in the tank without the sponge. Got the jellyfish on Wednesday and supposed to get the sponge on Saturday now, from everything I’ve read you’re supposed to feed the jellies daily so hopefully they will be ok

Got our 2 jellyfish plus one extra they threw in for free. We did not receive our skip the cycle kit so unsure if the jellyfish will survive, they are shipping out a new one but won’t be here for 3 days after we got the jellyfish. I was told not to feed them until I get that in so ammonia doesn’t build up in the tank

Large Moon Jellyfish
Frank Pisano
Great company

Great customer service!

Nano Jellyfish Package
Ethan Hafenrichter
Great Package

Had some difficulty with emails and shipping, and the customer service was just amazing. Super quick to respond and willing to talk about anything. Jellyfish are doing great and tank is looking amazing.

Medium Moon Jellyfish

Very Pleased!

I am very happy and pleased with my purchase. Even the customer service afterwards was amazing. I had many questions and the staff there took the time to assist me with anything I needed, including ordering a 2nd tank!

Jelly Cylinder Nano®
Ethan Hafenrichter
Great Team

Jelly art team dealt with my order with care and concern, as well as contacting me for assistance with speed. Awaiting jellies! :D

Small Moon Jellyfish
Luke Roberts

These 3 little guys came in well packaged and healthy and are doing great! I hope jellyfishart expands to other species like comb in the future! Thanks!


pulsing during acclimation and eating within 15 hrs. Always try to have live baby brine shrimp

Small Moon Jellyfish
Molly Dickerson

Very beautiful, they acclimated well to my tank

Extremely happy with my purchase

my wife loves her jellyfish tank.

They didn’t last long. This is the second time I’ve had jelly fishes and this time they only lasted 3weeks from arrival.

Jelly Food - 30ml
Diante Carter
Some good stuff

Some good stuff………I just wish the bag was full like in the picture

This is a perfect addition to your jellyfish. They are so happy after you feed them live brine shrimp.

So far so good

It's been one week since I received the Skip the Cycle kit and Jellies. So far they look good and seem happy and so am I!

Large Moon Jellyfish
Otis Campbell
Fast shipping

Fast shipping. Arrived in excellent cindition.

Product damaged during shipment

The bags of jellyfish salt were not vacuum sealed like previous shipments. Salt mixed with cardboard and other particles all over the inside of the box. Emailed customer service to get replacement, still no reply

Quarterly Maintenance Kit
Janet KaranevichDono

Nano - Quarterly Maintenance Kit

Small Moon Jellyfish

Absolutely love them! We could watch them all day! Aquarium was super easy to set up and jellies acclimated perfectly.

Nano Jellyfish Package
Phoenix Steinfeldt

It’s amazing. Great quality and instructions. Love it all, and the jellyfish. Coolest pets ever

All was good. Jellies are happy.

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