Jelly-Guard - Back Plate Cover (CYLINDER 5)

The new Jelly-Guard is a durable back plastic guard that attaches to your Jelly Cylinder 5 ® via suction cups. The Jelly-Guard is designed to cover the back plate of the aquarium and prevent weak or compromised jellies from getting stuck.

Note: Jellyfish should never be getting stuck on you aquarium's back plate. If this is happening it means something is affecting the animals negatively to where they are too weak to get off the back.

The Jelly-Guard will prevent sticking but ultimately the real underlying issue should be identified and addressed. We suggest checking your Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate levels. Ammonia and Nitrite should be zero and Nitrate should be less than 20PPM. In some cases suctioning onto the back plate can be caused by excess algae growth so keeping the back clean can help. If the flow is too high it can cause excess suction, you may try adjusting your flow using the airflow control valve. The flow should be just enough to keep the jellyfish suspended in the water column. We do not recommend using other air-pumps other than those provided by us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


INSTRUCTIONS: Please see the second photo in this product description for installation instructions.

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