Jelly Food - 120ml

The only jellyfish food providing complete nutrition for jellyfish! Made of several plankton ingredients up to 800 microns in size. This plankton is high in HUFAs (Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids), which are essential for proper nutrition. We strongly recommend feeding your jellyfish with our food only or in combination with live baby brine shrimp. Other fish foods that claim to be suitable for jellyfish are often low quality or lacking in their nutritional composition. All of our aquacultured jellyfish are raised on a strict diet of our dry Jelly Food and live baby brine shrimp.

(Scoop included inside the food bag! Food should be kept in your refrigerator.) 

For 3-4 jellyfish feed 1/4 scoop of dry Jelly Food in total once per day. Feeding amounts may be adjusted gauging that minimal food is left on the aquarium floor. During feeding you may mix the dry food in a small container with a small amount of aquarium water, this solution can be dispersed into the aquarium. Leftover food should be removed daily using your feeding pipette or our mini siphon to maintain good and clean water quality.

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