Instant Baby Brine Shrimp

No hatching required!

This 20g jar of baby brine shrimp is an excellent supplemental food for jellyfish. The brine shrimp contained within have been pre-hatched and packaged at the ideal time for maximum nutrition (contains no preservatives or colorants). Brine shrimp can increase growth and regeneration rates of jellyfish easily.

Refrigerate once opened. May be frozen in shallow tray or plastic bag at 1/4 thickness after opening for long term storage!  Pre-measured amounts for one use feeding can also be frozen in a mini ice cube tray for ease of use. 


Includes feeding scoop for ease of use. Product is very concentrated containing in excess of 1.5 million naupliiI. It is recommended to feed no more that 1/4 of the handle end of the scoop per day. Feeding amounts may be adjusted gauging that minimal food is left on the aquarium floor. Leftover food should be removed daily using your feeding pipette or our mini siphon to maintain good and clean water quality. 

Stays buoyant for longer feeding time!

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