Chemipure Blue Nano (5 Pack)

Chemi-pure Blue is the ultimate all-in-one marine aquarium filtration media, in an easy to use nylon bag, that offers superior filtration and fantastic results in even the most advanced marine reef aquarium systems. Chemi-pure Blue combines the highest grade of low dust pelletized activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to produce a synergistic formula for the health and well being of your aquarium inhabitants. Chemi-pure Blue’s proprietary formula significantly reduces organic compounds, odors, phenols, toxins, medications, dissolved metals, phosphates, and silicates. Chemi-pure Blue’s high-capacity pelletized activated carbon has very low ash content and rinses clear quickly, thus reducing the potential of HLLE within your aquarium. Chemi-pure Blue uses the finest laboratory grade resin technology to rapidly remove organics and phosphates from your aquarium water while raising redox and helping stabilize pH. Chemi-pure Blue’s unique formula is the finest marine aquarium filtration media available. Chemi-pure Blue lasts longer and reduces the need for frequent water changes. For a healthy, stable, crystal clear reef or marine aquarium use Chemi-pure Blue!

Directions: Keep Chemi-pure Blue sealed in container until ready for use. Remove bag from container and rinse gently under clean running water until clear, then place nylon bag in any outside power filter, canister filter, or external sump. For the Jellyfish Art tank, place under the Bubble Channel Plate. For the Jellyflap Aquarium place in right-most compartment underneath the overflow. For best results water should flow through the filter bag and media. Chemi-pure Blue should be changed every month depending on bio-load.

Use one 22g packet for 5 US Gallons. (Or one Jellyfish Aquarium!) 

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