The Jellyfish Art team will be on the road for the next few days traveling to the Meadowlands for Reef-a-palooza New York (June 27-28) and to New Port, Rhode Island for the National Marine Educators Association conference (June 29 – July 2)!

We love attending trade shows and educator conferences because it gives us a chance to see the different expressions of excitement as people see our Jellyfish Art Desktop Aquariums for the first time!  Here, I present to you the various levels of discovery as expressed by me, Paola, the Director of Education:

A)  Curiosity:  are these real jellyfish?

Yes, these are real Moon jellies (Aurelia species)!  There are at least 5 known and upwards of 50 species of Aurelia in the United States.  The most common being Aurelia aurita.  Slight variations in habitat, temperature tolerance, and diet separate the species.  The species of Aurelia we breed at Jellyfish Art are healthy, hardy, and do well in water temperatures between  60 and 78F.

B) Skepticism: It must be hard to keep jellyfish alive!

It is actually very easy to care for Moon jellies!  Unlike reef tanks with live coral or tropical marine fish, you do not need to supplement the saltwater with additives such as Calcium or Magnesium.  And because jellies excrete very little waste, they do not require heavy filtration.  We change out the Chemi-pure Blue Nano pack once a month to keep our water quality up.  Remember, jellies are 95% water so keeping up with small weekly water changes and doing a 50% monthly water change does wonders on keeping healthy jellies.

C)  Excitement: Oh my gosh these jellyfish are so cool!

These jellies ARE so cool!  Their beauty is other-wordly (think Avatar).  Some species are bioluminescent while others have deadly stings.  They are brainless, spineless, and heartless, yet we are learning that they are more complex than originally thought!

D)  Intensity:  These jellies are coming home with me!

It is human nature to want to differentiate ourselves from the pack and have the coolest, most unique pet on the block, but there’s no need to throw elbows! Because we breed our own Moon jellies in our aquaculture facility, there are enough gelatinous gems for everyone!

E)  Bonding: I’m going to name you “Jam”

Believe me, we have heard all sorts of jellyfish names from the expected “Peanut Butter” to “Elvis” to “Zinger” to “Dr. Keister” – named after a favorite dentist!

What names have you come up with?  What was your facial expression when you first hear about Jellyfish Art?  Post the names of your jellies and photos of your favorite reactions to your Jellyfish Art aquarium on our Facebook page!

Remember, you have until June 30th to sign up to WIN a Jellyfish Art 3 Jelly Kit!  The drawing will take place July 1st so sign up today!

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