Now that our last blog entry has familiarized you with the good kind of bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, it is time to learn how to manage your water quality! When you set your tank up for the first time, you were instructed to add JellyBio Starter to establish the initial bacterial population. After the initial population is established with JellyBio Starter, you will need to add JellyBio Maintain to your aquarium each time you change out 50% of the aquarium water.

With each large water change, you loose a portion of this bacterial population so by adding JellyBio Maintain, you re-populate the population of beneficial bacteria.

If no bacteria are introduced to your aquarium or if you kill the bacteria by changing out 100% of the water or scrubbing your black bio sponge clean, your water quality will be thrown out of balance – the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels will rise and become toxic to your jellies.

Long-term health effects of poor water quality can lead to:

  • shortened tentacles
  • weak pulsing
  • shrinking
  • and eventual death

Although jellies can survive for many days in higher than recommended levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, keeping these parameters in check will promote healthy jellies.

Ideal Water Quality Parameters:

  • Ammonia =  0 ppm
  • Nitrite =  0 ppm
  • Nitrate = 5 - 20 ppm

Tolerated Water Quality Parameters:

  • Ammonia = 0.25 ppm
  • Nitrite = 0.50 ppm
  • Nitrate = <40 ppm


  • Add JellyBio Starter and one of the ammonia sources indicate in our digital instruction manual to your aquarium at least 4-6 weeks before the jellies are ordered so that the bacteria have time to multiply. Following our instruction guide compare the water quality test results to ensure the cycle is complete before ordering the jellyfish.

      Check for Water Quality Parameters that indicate the aquarium is cycled:

  • Ammonia =  0 ppm
  • Nitrite =  0 ppm
  • Nitrate = 5 - 20 ppm (If Nitrate has always been zero, your aquarium is NOT cycled)
  • Add JellyBio Maintain to your aquarium after large (50%) water changes
  • Use a Saltwater Water Quality Test Kit to monitor the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels inside your aquarium
  • NEVER use fresh water or scrub your black bio sponge clean or change out 100% of the water.

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