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1. Setting Up Your Desktop Jellyfish Tank

If you have purchased a Jellyflap aquarium please visit this link for setup: Jellyflap Setup After your tank is all set up, you can order your...

2. Summary of Jellyfish Care

Jellyfish are as easy to care for as regular aquarium fish. They require daily feeding and a weekly 25% water change and salinity check . It's...

3. Acclimating Jellyfish and Live Accessories

Acclimation for the Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank: Acclimation for the Jellyflap Aquarium: Once your Desktop Jellyfish Tank is set up ,...

4. Arrive Alive Guarantee

Once your Desktop Jellyfish Tank is set up , you can order your live jellyfish from our website to be shipped right to your door. If you ordered a...

5. Making Salt Water

You can make your own salt water for your jellyfish aquarium by mixing water and aquarium salt . Do not use regular table salt. You can also buy...

6. Regular Aquarium vs. Jellyfish Tank Design

Jellyfish cannot survive in a regular aquarium because they would get sucked into the pump intakes, like bunches of wet tissue paper. Jellyfish...

"Most hypnotic office/dorm-room/studio decoration ever. Brainlessly simple setup and care."

Wired Magazine

"Your aparment's next upgrade."

GQ Magazine

"If you can't get a goldfish, bird or hamster in San Francisco, perhaps you'd consider grabbing yourself a nice cuddly jellyfish."

NBC News

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