Moon jellyfish

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1. Arrive Alive Guarantee

Once your Desktop Jellyfish Tank is set up , you can order your live jellyfish from our website to be shipped right to your door. If you ordered a...

2. Jellyfish Tank Design

Jellyfish cannot survive in a regular aquarium due to the delicate nature of these animals. Exposure to any intakes or excessive flow can damage...

3. Moving Your Tank

You can easily transport your jellyfish for up to 24 hours without dismantling your tank. When moving your aquarium, make sure the jellyfish do...

4. Dealing with a Power Outage

Jellyfish can easily last up to 24 hours in a power outage. If the outage last longer than that, you may need to follow certain procedures to keep...

5. Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions Warning: Follow the safety precautions below to prevent property damage, fire, personal injury and loss of life. - Always...

6. Pricing and Billing

When will my credit card be charged? Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours prior to shipment of your item(s). When will my credit...

"Most hypnotic office/dorm-room/studio decoration ever. Brainlessly simple setup and care."

Wired Magazine

"Your aparment's next upgrade."

GQ Magazine

"If you can't get a goldfish, bird or hamster in San Francisco, perhaps you'd consider grabbing yourself a nice cuddly jellyfish."

NBC News

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