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JFA as Product Spotlight in Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Jul 15, 2016
by Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Outplanting Corals for World Oceans Day "Plantapalooza" Jun 15, 2016

by Jellyfish Art, Chemi-pure and Coral Restoration Foundation

On June 8th, World Oceans Day Chemi-pure and Jellyfish Art Traveled to the Florida Keys for a day of diving and Coral Restoration called "Plantapalooza" World Oceans Day is celebrated internationally each year and CRF’s Plantapalooza aims to bring awareness to World Oceans Day in the greater Florida Keys community while planting a record-breaking number of corals in one day.

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The Vanilla Ice Project JELLYFISH JITTERS is now live! May 10, 2015

Brainless, Spineless and Heartless

For this particular episode of the Vanilla Ice Project "Jellyfish Jitters" on DIY Network, Jellyfish Art collaborated with Reef Aquaria Design to build a 300 Gallon custom jellyfish aquarium in the kitchen of the residence. At the end of the day Rob visited our offices to learn from the experts about jellyfish! Click HERE for more episodes of the Vanilla Ice Project


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Vanilla Ice Project Wrap Party May 6, 2015

Jellyfish Art gets "Iced"

For the season finale of Vanilla Ice Project, Rob decided to land a sea plane, hop on a jet ski, and headed to his finished house. For this particular project, Jellyfish Art collaborated with Reef Aquaria Design to build a custom jellyfish aquarium in the kitchen of the residence.

Read the full article from Chanel 5 WPTV News HERE and stay tuned for episodes on DIY and pictures of the 220 gallon jellyfish aquarium coming soon.


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The Transformative Power of Jellyfish May 1, 2015

Even lazy jellyfish do it, Let's do it, let's fall in love

In this issue of Coral Magazine, Ret Talbot brings us the story of Jellyfish Art and the people behind this changing and growing company. Jeffrey Turner, president and founder of Reef Aquaria Design, CEO of Boyd Enterprises, and most recently, president of Jellyfish Art, designed and built his first 2,000-gallon Jellyfish aquarium at Steak 954 in the W Hotel, Ft Lauderdale, FL. You will also find two more articles titled "My fist Jellyfish" and "A classroom Jelly tank"


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The New Goldfish - Review from Wired Magazine Dec 27, 2011

Jellyfish Tank Receives Excellent Review in Wired Magazine

One type of sea life has proven tough to keep in home aquariums: jellyfish. The blobby beasties get shredded like Kleenex in the filters. This 7-gallon tank — a project that got funded through Kickstarter — solves that by using a laminar-flow system to circulate the water in a controlled swirl, nudging the jellyfish to the middle of the tank and away from danger. The kit takes about 10 minutes to assemble and includes a voucher for three moon jellyfish, shipped overnight in Styrofoam coolers along with a six-month supply of frozen brine shrimp. Slip them into the water, turn on the color-changing LED light, and … dude, whoa!


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American Business: Fishing for Funding Dec 11, 2011

If finding money for your business has been a challenge, you may need to take a look at the emerging world of crowdfunding. Part social media and part funding, there are new websites popping up every day that make it easy for entrepreneurs to pitch crowdfunding communities to support their ventures. Two entrepreneurs we met ran fruitful campaigns on the website Kickstarter.


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On Kickstarter, Designers' Dreams Materialize Sep 21, 2011

by Steven Kurutz


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San Francisco Makes Jellyfish Art Aug 18, 2011

By Mathew Luschek

If you can't get a goldfish, bird or hamster in San Francisco, perhaps you'd consider grabbing yourself a nice cuddly jellyfish.


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Kickstarter Project Promises Menacing Desktop Jellyfish On-Demand Aug 14, 2011

by Jack Loftus

Fish tank? Pish posh. I desire a desktop tank full of jelly-like invertebrates, thank you very much, which is why I'm currently desiring this tank full of tiny Medusozoa something fierce. Yes, that'd be jellyfish to the layperson.


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Build Your Own Jellyfish Habitat Jul 20, 2011

Jellyfish are hypnotic, with their translucent bodies, sweeping tentacles, and fluid motion, but they require custom tanks to prevent them from getting sucked into filtration intakes. On the pages of Volume 27, Andon, who studied biology and environmental science and is founder of Jellyfish Art, teaches you how to either convert an existing aquarium into a jellyfish habitat or how to build your own custom tank...


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From No Job to Jellyfish Nov 12, 2010

by Sandra Hughes

Jellyfish for Sale -- How Alex Andon created a new market for the sale of jellyfish and jellyfish tanks.


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ABC News interviews Jellyfish Art Aug 30, 2010

by Terry McSweeney


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Startup Lessons Learned Aug 22, 2010

by Sharon Bernstein

After noticing the popularity of jellyfish displays in public aquariums, Alex Andon had an idea. He would design desktop aquariums for jellyfish and sell them online. The tanks had to be a certain shape so the jellyfish wouldn't get stuck in the corners, and the filter had to be specially designed so the delicate creatures wouldn't be sucked into the tubing...


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Air Tran Magazine: Garage Brands Aug 1, 2009

Air Tran Magazine: Garage Brands

While visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Alex Andon noticed people going nuts for jellyfish, with their crazy shapes, pulsing movements and colors straight out of a fireworks display...

Based on the reaction of the crowd at Maker Faire — the floating blobs at his booth elicit the same oohs and ahhs as the exhibits at public aquariums — Andon may have just stumbled upon the next big thing in aquatic pets...


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Liquid Assets Jul 1, 2009

Alex Andon, founder of Jellyfish Art in San Francisco, tells us what he would do with an extra $5,000.

Jellyfish are the latest craze in home aquariums, and for the last year, Alex Andon's Jellyfish Art has been a prime mover of sea nettles, moon jellyfish, blue blubbers and the specialized aquariums that keep the colorful blobs alive...


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Two Editor's Choice Awards at Maker Faire 2009 May 31, 2009

New invention created by Alex Andon - Jellyfish tank housed in a new more economical way.

Baccalaureate Address: Advancing in a Recession May 8, 2009

by Richard H. Brodhead

DURHAM, NC — It's nice in here, isn't it? So dark, so intimate, so much love surrounding you, the outer world so perfectly shut out. It's just like being in the womb! But I have news for you: we are about to push you out...


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How to Avoid Liquefying Your Jellyfish Mar 14, 2009

by Matt Richtel

Jellyfish are 95 percent water. They have no bones. They drift along at the mercy of the current. So guess what happens when you put them into a traditional fish tank?

"They're going to get sucked up into the filter and liquefied," said Alex Andon, the founder of a start-up company called Jellyfish Art...


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Weary of Looking for Work, Some Create Their Own Mar 13, 2009
by Matt Richtel
SAN FRANCISCO - Mr. Andon, for one, seems to have found his niche. He said he recently received an order for a large jellyfish tank that should sell for tens of thousands of dollars. His entrepreneurial fever seems to be catching...
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