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Combining Fish and Jellies

We have had success with clownfish, blennies and gobies. Other animals that can work with jellies are hermit crabs and snails, which we offer on our website. If you have more than 3 live creatures in your tank you will need to do extra water changes.

There are a few animals that are not compatible with jellyfish like cleaner shrimp and any non-reef safe fish. We also advise against corals (hard and soft) and anemones.

To see other animals customers have had success with, check out our Facebook Page.

We suggest waiting about a month before adding fish to your tank in order to give the jellyfish time to get comfortable and to allow healthy bacteria to build up in the tank. You will also need to purchase a heater, as most of the fish cannot survive at the lower end temperatures that are okay for jellyfish.

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