About Us

We sell pet Jellyfish.

And everything you need to enjoy them.

Jellyfish are becoming the next trend in ornamental aquariums and Jellyfish Art is the leader in supplying live jellyfish and their specialized aquariums and products. Their mesmerizing forms and soothing movement create living works of art. Jellyfish aquariums are a new kind of interior decoration, sources of light and life that become the focal point of any space.


The first jellyfish exhibits opened in public aquariums several years ago when scientists first discovered how to display jellyfish in captivity using tanks with special water flow patterns. These beautiful exhibits have been wildly popular and now jellyfish are found in virtually all the public aquariums. It was clear people absolutely loved to watch jellyfish, but nobody had made the necessary tanks and food to allow people to own them as pets. After some tinkering and experimenting, Jellyfish Art started selling jellyfish tanks, food and jellyfish through a simple website. It was immediately apparent that people had been wanting their own jellyfish as they started purchasing jellyfish tanks. Jellyfish Art took off from there.

New Technology

Jellyfish cannot go in a regular fish tank because they will get stuck in corners and sucked into filtration intakes. Jellyfish Art's signature Desktop Jellyfish Tank has the right water flow pattern designed to keep jellyfish healthy and properly displayed. We also make a frozen food high in fatty acids made specifically for jellyfish. Jellyfish Art keeps jellyfish in stock at all times so customers have a reliable supply. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and a simple, fun online shopping experience.

Our Team

Joe Turner — General Manager

Joe Turner oversees the day-to-day workings of Jellyfish Art and conducts wholesale, online, and retail sales. His responsibilities include representing Jellyfish Art at trade shows, creating and managing accounts, logistics, web design, product design, and customer service. A fourth generation waterman and aquarist, Joe has been exploring the oceans boating and diving around his hometown of Miami, Florida for over 15 years.

Joe can be reached at 844-535-5900 or at [email protected]

Jon-Michael Degidio — Director of Aquaculture and Production

Jon-Michael has always had a passion for the ocean. From an early age, Jon-Michael spent a majority of his time by the seashore, fishing, diving, or just enjoying the breeze. Years later this passion pushed him to pursue two Bachelor of Science degrees from Florida Institute of Technology in Marine Biology and Aquaculture, and go on to complete is Masters of Science degree at University of Florida in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. He has based his career on aquaculture of marine species and now focuses on culturing healthy and happy jellyfish for Jellyfish Art's customers. Jon-Michael also assists with marketing, educational initiatives, product development, and answering any customers questions or concerns about Jellyfish Arts products that they may have,

Jon-Michael can be reached at 844-535-5900 or at [email protected]

Paola Espitia — Director of Education

As the Director of Education for Jellyfish Art, Paola collaborates with educators to develop and implement innovative education resources and projects that bring jellies and marine science to K-12 classrooms. She conducts outreach education through Skype in the Classroom and gives professional development workshops to educators across the country. Paola also provides customer support by answering any questions or concerns about the jellies and Jellyfish Art products. With a B.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation and Photography from the University of Delaware and an M.Sc. in Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management from the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Paola has devoted her career to marine conservation. Through her graduate work in coral restoration, Paola learned that though research is important, there is a significant gap in communication between scientists and the public. Since joining the Jellyfish Art team in 2014, Paola has strived to make science accessible by creating materials that inspire and educate people about the importance of being ocean minded.

Paola can be reached at 844-535-5900 or at [email protected]